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    Okay so as most of you know for the past few months I’ve been designing/selling shirts and whatnot online, but the site I was using has a limited selection of items you can design on/restrictions on what part of the shirt/hoodie/whatever you can design on/etc.

    SO I decided to do my own thang and…

    go celebrate #mondayfunday and go shop my store YAY

    When will you start your youtube channel?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Once I’m not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off from my store opening I pinky promise times infinity that i’ll start making videos!

    Hi! Is there any meaning behind "Truman Black" or is it just Matty's twitter? xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    I mean yes it’s just Matty’s twitter, but Truman comes from Truman Capote because Matty’s a big fan of his work and Black from it being the only color in his whole freaking entire wardrobe.

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